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Head hunters. How to earn money on the website

Posted by Wetten

Companies are willing to pay the owners of thematic websites and blogs for recommending and selling their products. Small ones can earn 500 zlotys. Large - several tens of thousands. Every month.

The Internet advertising market was worth PLN 1.2 billion last year. In the first half of this year, according to Starlink Media House, companies spent 10.2% more on online promotion. All other media recorded a decrease. https://mrdalekjd.blogspot.com

Forecasts predict that the online advertising market will continue to grow and any website owner may have a share in this cake. Even if he does not run a company. The way is simple. It is called a partnership program, or more dignified affiliation. There are several ways to earn money: one

  •         refer Internet users to websites where the owners are willing to pay for it
  •         effective persuasion to carry out a specific activity
  •         commissions on sales of goods and services.

The affiliate programs can be adapted to any topic. They are organised by shops and service providers from all probably online industries. From online shops to price comparators, travel agencies, course and training organisers to bookmakers and banks and financial institutions.

A good idea - especially at the beginning of the adventure with affiliation - is to take part in one of the affiliate platforms, i. e. the systems that allow you to add up the profits from multiple affiliate programs at the same time. Most importantly, earning as a partner does not involve any additional obligations or costs. Promotional materials and tools shall be provided by programme organisers. Simply put them in the right place on your website. The only thing you need to invest is time.

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